Monday, 14 July 2014

Setting the viewing angle...

Okay so last time out I'd just done a rough cut on the side panels and was waiting for the glue to dry - obviously that has happened now so the next step was to take the screws out and fill the holes.
I don't expect anyone to remember that I had originally set aside £9.99 to replenish my two part wood filler.
However, as a knock on effect of managing to get hold of some MDF I won't need any more filler, and the little I had left over from my furniture experiments served very well for patching up these panels, with some to spare.

I've only done a quick sand down and shaping of the corners so far. I'll get out the wet and dry to give it a nice smooth finish - and get rid of the loose fibres from the MDF - when I have all the other elements ready.

With the sides as done as they need to be I turned my attention to the cross pieces needed to support the screen.

The one at the front was simple. It sits on top of the PC cabinet and I'd already used it to get the angle for the screen so it was just a case of screwing it in place.
There was the hint of a split developing so I've poured a healthy amount of PVA into the wood to try and prevent it worsening. Happily, the splits weren't in the structurally significant direction.

The back support needed a little more work.
With the tilt of the screen I needed to find a way to prevent it sliding backwards. I decided to keep it simple.

When everything is ready to be 'locked-in' I'm going to put screws through the side MDF pieces and into the screen casing to make extra sure it stays in place.

With that done, I've onto the front panel.

I only had one partial sheet of the 10mm MDF that I wanted to use, so after cutting it the right width (365mm) I decided to cut my window plum centre.
This gives me the most leeway for repositioning. I'm thinking that I probably won't cut it down until I have the control deck in place.
I measured out the dimension of the screen, allowing for a 5mm overhang all the way around.
After drilling a 28mm hole at each corner I broke out my trusty Stanley knife saw and cut out the centre piece.

A little finishing off with a bastard file and voilĂ . I'm going to put a 45mm bezel on it with a router eventually, but for now it serves the purpose of making me feel like progress is being made.

Next up is the control deck. 
You may have seen on Google+ that I've been finalising the layout plans with a little help from contributors on there. 

Next time out I'll putting their good advice into practice.