Sunday, 3 November 2013

Setting the record straight

That title sounds a lot more dramatic than it should - I just wanted to provide a quick update for anyone who's still paying attention.

First up - the project is still on track, there have been no recent developments because I spent the last week holed up with full bed and board in a Hotel near Gatwick. My days were spent filling my brain with lots of fascinating(!) information about project management.

This has negatively effected two things:
1) My output on the 'Mame Hidden Gems' sub-blog.
2) My waistline.

One thing that has changed for the better is the monitor I'm using for the cabinet.

Yes. Again!

The Dell unit I picked up before my trip had a certain 'fuzziness' that I thought would go way with some tweaking and a little time... it didn't.
So yesterday I picked up this rather nice HP MX70.

It's nice and easy to dismantle, has an antiglare screen, and features a flatter tube than either of the previous two units as well.

It's a 17" screen again (about 15 and a half viewable) and this increased size over the old 14" I had is really tempting me to go vertical - I think it's more about giving the finished cabinet a distinctive look than appropriateness for any given genre of game.

I've still a while to ponder this as it's 4 weeks until I get the PC - and even then the whole project will doubtless get held up by the general madness of Christmas.

In the mean time I'll continue to update on any developments and the Hidden Gems posts will start up again (with Part 3 of G) tomorrow - the focus will be on Brawlers.

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