Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Setting the standard - MAME Hidden Gems - 0-9

This is my first installment of a series on which I'll be picking out games I'd not heard of previously from my play-through of every working rom fur MAME.

Rather than doing a top 100I I'll be picking a few for each letter of the alphabet, and what's the first letter of the alphabet? 

That's right...  Numbers!

This Pseudo-section is dominated by Capcoms rather excellent 1942 and it's myriad sequels, spin-offs and clones - but you'd have to be pretty wet behind the ears to consider those in any way obscure.
At the time of writing I've played through about 4500 games, having done so I've reserved a special place on my sh-t list for Space Invader clones.

This notwithstanding, my first choice is '99: The Last War.
It doesn't really do anything that special to be honest, but if you, like me, believe that the loss of sprite scaling effects was too high a price to pay for 'proper' 3 dimensional graphics, then you'll have some fun with this one.

Also not winning any originality prizes is 64th Street: A Detective Story.
It's basically a familiar stroll down the Streets of Rage, but the 30's USA setting (criminally underused in videogames) and fun characters make it worthy of mention.

Predictably I've saved the best for last.
1-on-1 Government is something akin to a basketball game crossed with a 3D fighter.
It has simple controls that are, like the very best the medium has to offer, simple to pick up but hard to master. With a little practice the game makes you feel like Wesley Snipes/Woody Harrelson (delete as per your preference) and most importantly of all, one of the characters has a squirrel on his head.