Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Setting the direction(al controls)

I didn't plan to start every entry with the word 'Setting', it just sort of 'happened' and now I feel the need to crow-bar it in every time. I say this, because I realise the title above is horrible nonsense!
I promise to try harder in future. Anyway...

Another order placed!

This morning I ordered my Joystick and buttons set from Ultracabs.

Whilst browsing the site I saw the cheap little amp and remembered that I have an old pair of speakers, they give great sound and are the perfect size.

The amp requires a 12v power supply but I have a whole bunch of those in a box in the attic, I'm sure I can cannibalise something. This replaces the powered speakers I was going to buy. It's not only cheaper but I'm sure the sound quality will be far superior too - and buying it from the same place as the other stuff has saved me shipping. So it's Win-win-win.

I also ordered a additional single black button for 'Coin'.
As I won't be using the Player Two start button I shouldn't need any extra wiring.

If I have enough wires for both I might install the 2P button tucked away down the side.
As the base unit will be a full function PC I'll be able to have bluetooth controllers hooked up should the need for multiplayer arise.

Last night (Technically early this morning) I finished the mammoth task of playing every game too.
About 1300 have made the first cut, meaning I've deleted over 7500 roms - and I still have a little weeding to do. Ideally I'd like to get it down to an even thousand.

So everything is coming together - now if only I didn't have to wait until the end of November for that PC I could start building the damn thing...

Budget update:
Total Budget:                    £50
USB Encoder                   £10.18
Joystick/Buttons               £11.99
Amplifier                          £6.99
Single Button                    £1.19
Shipping                           £5.50
Remaining Project Fund:   £14.15

Not a lot of cash left - especially considering I've earmarked £9.99 for the filler I'll need to finish the wood... doesn't leave much room for movement.

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