Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mame Hidden Gems - D is for...

Dragon Blaze is first up, a rather gorgeous vertical shooter from Psikyo.
This game features all the usual v.shmup attacks with one very cool addition.

Each of the selectable characters rides their own dragon, the game offers the payer the ability to dismount at any time, sending his or her familiar of to attack enemies or collect power ups.
It's a relatively simple update of a classic idea but it offers some great opportunities for tactical use that really set this game apart.

Way back in the first one of these entries I mentioned my fondness for sprite scaling. This is in evidence again for this next choice.
Dark Edge is a Sega fighting game released not long after Capcom entirely changed the game with Street Fighter II.

It was a very early example, maybe even the first, of introducing a second axis to proceedings.
Characters move into and out of the screen as well as left to right. The fights rotate along the axis too and this often creates a viewing angle not dissimilar to that used for Street Fighter IV and DOA on the 3DS.
Is all a bit mental, but all the better for it.

Finally we come to Drift Out 94.
Top-down racers are enjoying a bit of revival of late, thanks largely to the surge in gaming on tablets and phones.

Drift Out shares a formula with 1000 Miglia, the game that inspired my Mame cabinet project, so it should be no surprise to see it here.
It update the mechanics with more speed and more spectacular crashes. The graphics don't quite have Miglia's charm, but the sprite renditions of (now classic) rally the cars are still excellently done.

A quick mention of the Dungeon & Dragons games (Tower of Doom & Shadow Over Mystara) as they were recommended in the comments of a previous entry.
They are great games, and you should play them - but the prevalence of the franchise and their recent re-release as the Chonicles of Mystara bundle means I don't think they fit the bill here.

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