Monday, 14 October 2013

MAME Hidden Gems - B is for...

Boogie Wings

I'll say that again.

Boogie Wings

Whatever you're picturing this game as, having read that title, I can pretty much guarantee that you're wrong.

Known in Japan by the no-less-awful title of The Great Ragtime Show, Boogie Wings is among the very best games that I'll be writing about.

In essence this is (yet) another side scrolling shooter, set in World War One-ish era you pilot a Bi-plane against scores of themed enemies in the usual manner.

So far, so ordinary.

A core feature of the gameplay is that hanging from a chain behind your plane is a hook. With a little skill you can pick up boxes and other items from the ground and, with some deft flying, use them to attack with. It's a great addition to the usual formula.

And then you get shot down.

So you continue on foot... shooting at the enemies with a pistol!

Until you find a motorbike...

or a jeep...

or a Pogo-stick...

or a giraffe...

Boogie Wings is in my top ten games of all time, it came out 20 years ago but before last month I hadn't ever heard of it.
This is the point of this.

Also, a quick mention for Bullet.

This is essentially a twin stick shooter. It's a lot slower than usual for the genre and, like me, it's a bit old and basic looking.
Fortunately, unlike me, it's imbued with more than it's fair share of charm, so I say it's worth a look.

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